Hikari High School is where most of the roleplays on this wiki take place in, and the school in which most of the students go to.

School Grounds

Entrance: The entrance is a large, light gray gate that can be opened and closed. During school time, the gates are closed. Near the entrance is a stone path that leads to a door that leads to the Locker Room.

Garden: The garden is a garden located behind the school. In it is a path surrounded by cherry blossoms, trees, and more flowers. The path leads to a bench.

Hikari High School: This is the school.

Floor 1

Locker Room: The locker room is a room that has three rows. In these rows are blue-gray lockers. Each student has their own locker.

Storage: The storage is a small room that is used to store things.

Classroom 1: Classroom 1 is the classroom for 16 year olds at the school. It has a blackboared, a large desk for the teacher, and smaller desks for the students.

Computer Lab: The computer lab is a room with many desks with computers on them.

Teacher's Lounge: The teacher's lounge is a large roon with many comfy sofas and a large HD TV that covers an entire wall. There is also a large kitchen.

Gym Room: The gym room is a large, empty room used for gym classes. Branching off of it are two changing rooms.

Toilets: These are two rooms with toilets in them.

Floor 2