Hikari is an OC that belongs to Cirno2019.


Hikari has long black hair and usually wears a blazer. She wears striped stockings and black shoes. She also has green eyes. Her bust size is 1.5


Hikari is a tsundere. She usually denies her fetishes for Japanese Children Shows, such as Doraemon! and Tottoko Hamutaro. She is the kind of person who gets very jealous easily.

Hikari is usually a nice person until she gets angry. When she gets angry she becomes extremely violent and it might result in someone passing out.


  • Cirno2012 thinks that her theme would be "Morning Arch" and "Hikari E".
  • Hikari is Asexual.
  • Hikari is based off Yuuko Nishi from A Channel and Stocking from Panty and Stocking.


Hikkamori Sato

They often fight, but they secretly care for each other. Hikari gets jealous when Hikkamori makes a new friend. Hikari doesn't like it when Hikkamori is being sexually harassed.

Tomoko Yamazaki

These 2 are good friends. Hikari tries to make sure that Tomoko follows the rules since she knows that Tomoko usually ignores the rules.


Hikari thinks that Yori is cute even though Hikari is Asexual. They are both friends and Hikari spoils Yori, and gets yakisoba for the 2 of them

Momo Kawasaki

They strongly dislike each other.