Tomoko Yamazaki is an OC created by KawaiiTohru.


Tomoko has a brown hair with a ponytail tied to the left. She has purple eyes, and usually wears a Tony Tony Chopper hat. She is flat chested and has a flat bum. Usually wears a Sweater Uniform. Wears a blazer occasionally.


Tomoko is a tsundere and usually denies her feelings about stalking people. She acts similar to Tony Tony Chopper when receiving compliments. She acts moe without knowing it.

She is usually clingy towards you if you have similar interests. If she notices you taking a picture of her panties she will scream, "PERVERT!!!!", catching everyone's attention.

Anybody who claims to love Tony Tony Chopper will suddenly disappear the next day and never be heard from again.


Tony Tony Chopper- He is a god to her.

My OCs


These 2 are close friends. They fight a lot and attempt to kill each other. They HATE admitting that they are best friends. They both had their first kiss together.

Momo Kawasaki

Tomoko is overprotective of Momo. Tomoko usually protects Momo from cars, perverts and drunkards.

Hikari Sato

Hikari and Tomoko rely on each other when it comes to advice. They are good friends.

Hikkamori Sato

Tomoko hates it when Hikkamori flips Tomoko's skirt in public. They are good friends since they have a lot in common.

Other OCs


  • Tomoko was named after Yamazaki from the anime Welcome to the NHK!
  • Tomoko is based off KawaiiTohru.
  • Tomoko is included in the group called Akademi-High on Deviantart.
  • Tomoko's favourite ONE PIECE OPENING is BRAND NEW WORLD.
  • Tomoko's favoutite ONE PIECE OPENING is ADVENTURE WORLD.


Tomoko is a foreigner from Germany, She only lives with her mother. She thinks that her father left her Mom pregnant with another woman and would like to kill her father and stomp on his lifeless body. Tomoko's mother didn't have any family members with her and decided to move to Japan.

Tomoko met Yori in 1st grade, they always played with each other after school ended and always had a sleepover. They later seeked interest in manga and anime. They would always go to Manga Cafes at night until Tomoko's Mom would tell her that molesters were at Manga Cafes at night.

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